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Thank you for your interest in flying Great Lakes Jet Express (GLJE). This page includes information that may be useful for your upcoming trip. Download our full Contract of Carriage that outlines every aspect of our operations. Cant find what your looking for? Contact us today.

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Below are several frequently asked questions and topics...

  • Interline Baggage Connection Tips (through checked baggage)

    Passengers wishing to utilize the ADI service for a connecting flight will need to purchase two tickets, one for the ADI segments and another for the connecting carrier.  Passengers should not plan on their bags being automatically transferred at Denver.


    Passengers are reminded that they each have the ability to carry aboard two items, one carry-on bag that can be no larger than 9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches, and one personal item that can be no larger than 9 inches by 10 inches by 17 inches.  Families are reminded that each ticketed individual is allowed two items to carry aboard.  In addition to the smaller items listed above, ADI will continue to allow up to two checked items free of charge for each ticketed individual.  Passengers wishing to connect these checked items at Denver should allow sufficient time to retrieve and recheck them with their connecting carrier.  For individuals traveling for extended periods where additional or larger luggage is required, we would suggest the option of shipping those items to and from their destination in advance of your departures.

  • Firearms & Ammunition (checked bag only)

    • American Airlines DOES NOT INTERLINE FIREARMS. All firearms checked on any       AA flight will be required to be claimed baggage at each transition to or from connecting airlines.

    • Other major airlines allow interlining firearms for expedited transition at your connecting airport.

    •  Unsure? Call each airline to verify their specific policy.

    Here is ours...

    A. Firearms and ammunition (checked baggage only)

    In accordance with federal law, a passenger who presents baggage which contains a firearm and/or ammunition must declare that the firearm is unloaded and ammunition is properly packaged. The passenger must sign a “Firearms Unloaded” declaration tag. The declaration tag will be properly placed inside the baggage containing the firearm and/or ammunition by an Aerodynamics, Inc. Agent. Properly packaged small arms ammunition up to a maximum of 11 pounds may be checked as baggage. The ammunition may be packed in the same container as the firearm or in a separate container. One item of shooting equipment per passenger will be allowed in place of one checked bag only when permitted by governmental regulations and Aerodynamics, Inc. Firearms Policy.

    For more information concerning conditions of acceptance of firearms and/or ammunition as baggage, see (D) (Sporting Equipment) of this section.

    NOTE: Empty gun cases may be accepted as checked baggage, however the Firearms Unloaded/Ammunition tag that will be enclosed in the case must indicate “Case Empty”.


  • Baggage Policy, Fees & Hazardous Items

    You first 2 checked bags are free. If you continue on another carrier you may be subject to their fees. You are also allowed a personal item in the cabin if it can fit beneath the seat. After the two free bags they are $50 per bag. Specific details below…


    Aerodynamics, Inc. will accept and transport free of charge, subject to the presentation of a valid ticket and to the provisions of paragraphs A, B, and C below, only three pieces of luggage (2 checked, 1 gate-check). Any additional piece of luggage will be deemed to be excess and subject to excess baggage charges, as set forth below.

    A. Dimensions

    The first piece must not exceed 62" and any additional piece must not exceed 55" (Length + Width + Height).

    NOTE: Only one personal item is allowed inside the cabin of the aircraft. All standard "carry-ons" that meet dimension requirements, will be gate checked.

    B. Weight

    No piece of luggage, as part of the Free Baggage Allowance, can exceed 50 pounds. Each piece of luggage that weighs 51 - 100 pounds will be deemed to be overweight baggage and subject to oversize/overweight baggage charges as set forth below.

    C. Pooled Luggage

    Members of the same family or groups of passengers traveling together for the same purpose may pool their baggage to make full use of each individual's Free Baggage Allowance.

    Hazardous Items

    1) Aerodynamics, Inc. will not allow smart luggage on flights unless the lithium battery can be removed and carried in the cabin. If the battery cannot be removed, the bag will not be allowed to fly.

    2) Hoverboards are not allowed on Aerodynamics, Inc. flights (checked or in the cabin)

    3) Spare batteries for other devices, fuel cells, and e-cigarettes are permitted in the cabin only



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